BJJ Schools In North Houston

I've been a lurker on this site for quite some time, and i've always found the information within the threads here as very insightful.
I've had the opportunity to dabble a bit in BJJ with seminars and visitors to the 'traditional' school that I have been a member of for a couple years now, until recently. I have never been able to get past wanting more of what BJJ has to offer. Quite honestly, I had a fricking blast everytime I had the opportunity to take part.
Now I've decided that i'm going to join a school and train in Jiu Jitsu full time, but i'm looking for a school in the northern area of Houston, and i'm hoping some one here can assist me with a good recommendation.

So far the 2 closest schools to me are Solis Martial Arts Academy where Alvis Solis is the instructor, and Definitive Martial Arts under Travis Tooke.

My question is, are there any Houstonian members here who would be willing to give a newcomer some advice, and are there any other schools that can be recommended?

I'm not going to ask "Who is better" as I want to give both of these instructors the respect the deserve.

Thank you in advance for any help.

i live in north houston but i train at revolution dojo w/ jeff messina who is a very good bjj instructer and pushes technique and also a fun coach to be around. ive trained with travis tooke and his is also a good bjj instuct. given you each technique w/ alot of detail.

You cannot go wrong with either Travis or Alvis they are both excellent instructors. Its just a matter of which one you think would fit you more personality wise.

I would recommend trying both for a week and see just which one you vibe with the most.

I really appreciate the responses. Thank you.

Binswanga, where is "Revolution Dojo?" Is it anywhere close to the Spring/Woodlands area?

MrPennypacker, the idea of trying both is a sound one. I live pretty much an equal distance between the two, so the only difference is traveling in opposite directions to get to either one.

You cant go wrong checking out Alvis.

it takes me about 20-30 in full traffic to get there from spring. get the address from here and mapquest it. if you want let me know when u go so we can exchange #s and ill meet u there and introduce you to everyone

Thank you all for the information. Now it appears I have 4 instead of just 2 choices. That is exactly what I wanted to know.

By location, "Elite" appears to be the closest to where I live, but I must also admit that I am intrigued by all of these schools.

Now the research begins.

Thanks again. I'll be back.

Travis Tooke is awesome and just relocated w/ 3000 sq/ft of mat
space and nice facilities in the Diamondback judo club. He is a super
cool guy and really awesome instructor. It is off of Kleinbrook.

Quoted from 2TALL4BJJ "Let either forum member "the popeye" or myself know if you're interested in stopping by."
Actually, I made a phone call to Elite a couple days ago and spoke with the instructor regarding rates and schedule. My plan is to check out a couple schools for a week each, and then make my choice on a full membership.

I also made my way over to Travis Tooke's school. He is a straight up guy and his location over at Diamondback does offer LOTS of mat space.

Alvis' new location is pretty nice as well. I went over there on a Sunday and just peeked in the front window.

Revolution may be a stretch for me. Their classes start at 6:15 in the evenings, and with some of the screwy hours I work, I'm concerned about being punctual.

There are pro's as well as con's for all these schools.

My main issues are being able to make it to class on time after work, and of course, distance to and from.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to 2 that i'm going to try. I figure a week at each will be sufficient enough time to make a choice.

Thanks again for your help.

That's good to hear. Welcome to the club.

"Jealousy among the various Houston schools"

Being a newb I can't comment on this, but I am curious to know what this means.

Is the Hapkido/Grappling mix taught at I.D. a mixture of Hapkido and BJJ, and is it taught in a "traditional" sense?
I come from a traditional background, so respect and "leave your ego at the door" sank in a long time ago. I have nothing to prove. I just want to learn.

"Well, as in all things, there DOES seem to be a little jealousy in the Houston Grappling community... "

Im not sure what jealously you are talking about. Between all the Houston Instructors: Alvis Solis, Eric Williams, Leo Xavier, Scott Sullivan, Paul Thomas, Travis Tooke, Tony Torres Aponte, Crutchmaster, Art Alvarado, Saul Soliz, Tom Dinklage, Tim Mousel, Yves Edawards/Jeff Messina, Calvin Carter (and whoever else I am missing)....Im sure everyone is happy to get their own piece of 5.5 million people that live in the Houston Metro area.

There is so much good jiu jitsu in Houston it all boils down to what school do you feel most at home. You can't go wrong at any school.

Are you trolling again Shen leave the newbie alone Master Simco would dissaprove.

ive never heard of iron dragon till now but ive seen a video where a gracie destroyed a hapikdo master so i kinda doubt its real life applications.

I did a mapquest on Iron Dragon, and it appears to be located on the EAST side of Houston.

I'm sure it's a great school, but what i'm looking for needs to be on the North side of town.

Thanks for the information but i'm gonna have to pass.

I'd put my drunken monkey style up against Shen's any day of the week!

So does iron dragon have alot of amature or pro fighters since its a great school

"If your not willing to travel to get training at as you yourself agree "A great school", then you won't get far in the Martial Arts."

Oh i'm willing to travel. Just not across town to a school that teaches a style that I really wouldn't give two shits to learn. Is that plain enough for you?

By the way, when I said "a great school," you conveniently left out that I said "I'm SURE it's a great school." Meaning that I really couldn't care any less. I was just trying to be somewhat respectful.

"Listen, there are very few people on this planet lucky enough to get to study directly under Master Jason White. YOU won the "martial arts lottery" and happen to live in the same city --close enough to actually do it!

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You're quite an assuming moron, aren't you?

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Spaz it was nice talking to you the other day and I look forward to your visit.

You cant go wrong with any of the school that have been listed at the end of the day it is your money and you spend it at the school that best suits your needs.