BJJ Schools In North Houston

LOL @ Shen!!!

"Listen, there are very few people on this planet lucky enough to get to study directly under Master Jason White. YOU won the "martial arts lottery" and happen to live in the same city --close enough to actually do it!"

lol Master Jason White must be the baddest motherf@%ker on the planet then

"Spaz it was nice talking to you the other day and I look forward to your visit." YOU'RE "thepopeye."

Good deal!

It was nice talking to you as well, and I appreciate your follow up. We'll be getting together as per our discussion. I look forward to it as well. YOU'RE "thepopeye."

LOL, yep.

was nice to meet you last night see you on wed

Man...I've never had such a good time getting my butt kicked, LOL!!

It was nice meeting you and the rest of the class as well.

Yes, i'll see you on Wednesday.

Hey popeye just don't show him the "triple decker pecker wrecker" technique to deadly.

Thats later after he has signed up and turned over the deed to his house!

Team Tooke all the way for me.


Just so you know:  After I'm finished with Robson, I'm going after White.

Great school with great training partners. There are good BJJ schools within walking distance of my house (1 is run by a BJJ black belt), but I manage the 1 hour round trip 1-3 times a week because the level of instruction, the training partners, and the camraderie are worth it.

I never have to worry about egos, injuries, safety, etc. because all of my training partners and instructors are there to learn and to help me learn.

Come by and at least check out a class. I'm sure you'll have a similar experience to mine.

RDS is correct