BJJ Schools in Orlando

I may be moving to Orlando, Florida. What BJJ schools are in the Orlando metropolitan area? Are there any ATT affiliates there?

Mark- Paul Rodriguez will be opening an ATT academy there very shorty. Should be the 1st or 2nd week of June. He is looking to open in the East Orlando area across from the University of Central Florida.

Paul has been around a long time and has alot of knowledge to share. Hope you get the chance to check him out.

He is a fifth degree black belt from Gracie Barra. We also have Gustavo "Gutty" Muggiati teaching too. Gutty is a former world champion and second degree black belt. We also have 11 other black belts that train regularly. In addition to bjj there are muay thai, judo, and mma classes too.

Dosen't Pops Kransno have a MMA gym down there..?

I trained at Gracie Orlando when I was in town. Great school. A very good training atmosphere/mentality from the students, and a world class instructor in Jon Burke.

TH0001 - Paul was at one time, but left about 9-10 months ago. Ben Saunders and Luigi Fioravanti are training with Paul too.

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Christ, I didn't know how many schools were in Orlando. I'm glad I made this post now. Now I'm not so aggravated about leaving Miami/FLL.

I'll actually be working in Winter Park. Are any of the schools close to that?