bjj schools in rome italy

considering going to compete in the ibjjf rome italy at the end of June. Curious of any schools in rome that would be interested in having me do a seminar the friday before the tournament? If so message me here or leave contact info (email) and I will get a hold of you.

i hear that greg. ttt

GregBell - Thinking about going to this too $1600 airfare might kill it though I can do Tokyo open and grapplers quest Amsterdam for almost the same price from LAX
I'm thinking of going to the Italy Rome...although Amsterdam has its on pluses ;)

My buddy Marcelo coppa is teaching in Rome fb me if you guys want his details Phone Post 3.0

Ray, would he be interested in hosting a seminar the friday night before the tournament? Ill message on fb, in case you miss this.

Look up fredricco teachie (sp?) in Vatican City. Phone Post 3.0