BJJ Seminar in Akron, OH

Dudu Barros opens new Academy

Black Belt 'Dudu' Barros is opening a new academy. The location is
140 N.SUMMIT ST. AKRON, OH. For more info and to contact Dudu you can email him at or call 330-281-9444 or check out

And to celebrate his new location Dudu is bringing Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro to conduct a seminar!

Date: Sunday, February 12th - Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
For more info adnd to secure your spot contact Dudu Barros at or 330-281-9444

I'll be there Dudu! Let me know about the privates with Shaolin.

Why am I the only living person NOT to know where that walmart is located???????????/

i was thinkin montrose. am i wrong? probably.

Has anyone gotten the email address to work?

I've sent 2 emails and both have been rejected.



shane i dont know where that walmart is at and i used to live up by there for a year, lol. ttt for more details on this

ttt for dudu


who is this guy?


Dudu Barros is a BJJ Black under Andre Pedneiras, I think. Anyway, he's good on the mat and a really cool person. I have had the chance to roll with him and I would go to the seminar if possible.

Dudu is indeed a black belt under Andre Pederneiras, and a member of the Nova Uni?o team. check out for more info

I'm kinda shocked you guys haven't heard of Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro. He's easily in the top 5 in the world at 155(for MMA), has placed in at least two Abu Dhabis and is a monster with the gi on (i don't know much about his gi credentials but i'm pretty sure he's a multi-time world champ), any way look him up he's got a new 3 DVD set out and is an all around awesome grappler.

How much is the seminar and this is the seminar that vitor will be at?

Man, if this is the case, I am there with bells and whistles on!

i have no fuckin clue where that gad damn walmart is, i think its a myth. everytime i go to akron i have yet to once see this thing.

can you go no-gi at this seminar? who all is goin?


this is the vitor shaolin seminar. cost is 70 i think. i dunno what he'll charge for privates. i took a private with him in rio last summer and it was well worth my money. the seminar will probably be gi-oriented but not limited to just gi techniques. he will most likely do question and answer type stuff for the last 45 minutes or so, which can definitely cover no-gi stuff. I've had the good fortune to train with him a couple of times and i can attest that his game and teaching are of the highest caliber. and it's in akron, which is sweet.

so this dudu guy actually runs his own gym in akron as well?

yessir...check out for pics and stuff

it's by luigi's near downtown

until you've rolled with a 150 pound black just can't imagine