BJJ seminar Roy Harris Rochester NY

I am hosting Roy Harris in Rochester, NY on June 6 and 7. He will be teaching a 2-day BJJ seminar, and the topic is "Pressure". Roy is well known as a phenomenally detailed and articulate instructor. Anyone who has rolled with him can attest to the pressure he exerts from any position. This is one of the things that he will be covering.

Please visit or contact me at bjj (at) for further information.

- Kyle

I'll be there! (And I'm bringing my peeps!)

Who needs "pressure" when you can just do cartwheel guard passes?!

I plan on attending, but I will be very skeptical about this "pressure" thingy...

 I will be there as well.

 Pressure is one of the best game you can have in your BJJ game and I can attest NO ONE I have ever rolled with felt heavier and had more pressure than Roy Harris.

When I learned one single most important thing from him it´s PRESSURE.

Take care

Björn Friedrich



It looks like I might have a good sized crew coming along with me

TTT. I wish I could be there. I haven't had my lungs crushed by Mr. Harris in quite a while.


Roy's the man. Take the seminar. I'm trying to clear my busy schedule to go.

tappa tappa tappa

next week!

Pressure is good. Very good. A 150 lbs dude can make himself fee like a 200 lbs dude with good body positioning.

Nothings better than when you put some dude in side control and are able to apply so much pressure they can't even breathe. I hate it when it happens to me, yet I love doing it to other people. Weird...

Mr. Harris is indeed the man.


Twelve hours to go! :)

This was a totally great seminar. It had a good sized crowd of people, everyone was cool, and there were lots of folks with considerable experience on the mat.

The content was, as always, awesome. I have seen Mr. Harris present this topic before, but, as usual, I was blown away by how much I hadn't seen. In fact, some of the best goodies I took home were subtle tweaks to the basic Mount position.

The best review I can give is that despite being whacked out by allergies the first day, and allergy meds the second day, I still retained enough that, without going over my notes yet, I used three things from the seminar consistently in class tonight, and even used them to control and finish one of my students who is "unfinishable" (he's a gumby with years of wrestling who is prepping for the purple belt exam). I can tell I'm going to put a lot more time into this material to become consistent with it.

Goooooooooooooooood stuff. Thanks to Kyle Saunders for hosting a great one.