BJJ side control

IMHO Side control is the best position if you have to be on the ground and is what I direct the guys to fight for. The mount is not what I recommend other then MMA.

There are many reason for side control over the other positions but one of the main reason is the ability to get back to your feet while maintaining control of your opponent still on the ground. I also include quarter position in the side control transition.

The ground can be your friend, and head control is a must and smashing it of the ground gets huge points when controlling or getting to your feet to escape.

Evolve your ground game, time is NOT your friend down there.

I agree. I got into an altercation months back with a much larger guy. I took him to the ground and just held him in side control. I didn't throw a single strike. Mounted position from experience can get you reversed depending how strong the person below is. Additionally side control offers more striking variety...knees to the head etc...

I agree! I've won a couple matches just with side control while everyone's yelling "mount"...when you're dealing with guys with big guts it's not easy to maintain that position.

I'd rather maintain control then risk it being reversed, especially after spending about $500 for the privilege of competing. And I give credit to Matt Thornton/SBGi for the fundamental five from the top position.

Eddie Bravo once told me "if you are going to play mount, you better be prepared to play guard." Phone Post 3.0

What about knee on belly? Your situational awareness and ability to disengage are much higher from KOB than from side control. Phone Post 3.0

KOB is a great choice. Phone Post 3.0

gimp you are absolutely right!!! IMHO KOB is part of side control as is the transitional NS. But fight for right side control. Here you have a higher % defending against weapon deployment and weapon retention. Disengage, multiple opponents and just the ability to run.