bjj sparring & nausea

sometimes during our sparring sessions in bjj, some people puke & others get almost to that point where they need to sit out for a few minutes to collect themselves or even sit out the rest of the night. What is the cause of this & is there some snack you can have before training that can prevent this? maybe a bananna?

Personally, I have not puked from training but have gotten to that point a few times during my drive home. I don't eat anything for about 5 hrs prior to training (last meal is lunch at noon).

Is it caused from not enough oxygen in the bloodstream? Low blood sugar? Dehydration? Lack of electrolytes?

More then likely they are suffering from Anaerobic overload. They are not fit enough and thus they reach a point where the body can not process the by products of fatigue and...You feel sick or worse, get sick.

Take two of these a week and let me know how it goes.


Maybe it's the smell.

Although i've never heard the term "Anaerobic overload" Taku is basically correct.

The main cause of nausea after intense exercise is the buildup of byproducts of human biological energy use, lactic acid in particular. In the absense of oxygen lactic acid is produced as a last ditch effort to create energy before you poop out. (The utilization of lactic acid for energy is extremely inefficient compaired to energy cascades in which oxygen is present. I can't remember the exact numbers, but the cp/atp system is more efficient by at least a factor of 15.)

One of the side effects of high blood concentrations of lactic acid is nausea. Apparently your body wants to get rid of acid fast. Your stomach is the most available source.

Good ways to help reduce this effect is to make sure you have plenty of electrolytes, particularly calcium in the blood. When it does happen, take deep breaths.

As you acclimate yourself to exercise the effect will diminish.


Another good way to avoid this is to relax while sparring.

I'm fairly fit, but it's rare that during sparring I should start breathing
really hard. Focus on being really technical, and allowing your body
position to do all the work for you. And don't feel that you need to
move constantly. If you exert yourself a lot for a stretch, try and reach
a static position that will allow you to rest for 10-15 seconds and catch
your breath.


When I first went back to BJJ I got nauseous every time we'd roll - right in the beginning I'd feel sick, stop for maybe 30 seconds and then I'd be OK. After a few classes I could just work through the feeling, and after a few more it stopped. I was just in terrible shape to be rolling, and on top of that my technique was pathetic so I had to muscle everything a lot more.

Generally I dont feel too nauseous when training, but what seems to kill me is whenever we have to do gymnastics type training with forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, etc..

Does anyone know what causes this and how to prevent it?

I find that I get nauseated if I don't hydrate well enough before and during training.