BJJ Strategies

Hey guys, just wondering what kind of strategies you use when grappling.


I try not to suck. Also, I often try to tap my partner at least as much as he taps me.

Wow, that was a much easier question than usual!



Is there anything like in the striking arts like angles, levels, block and counter ...???

I just want to see if what I'm doing is on the right track


Um, what is grappling if not angles of pressure? :-)

Seriously, the theories that hold true in standup fighting are just as true on the ground. Here are some avenues to explore:

-loading and unloading
-attacking with balance
-timing (and interception)
-offensive and defensive tactics/strategies
-5 methods of attack
-etc. etc.

Ya, I'm already doing that... I guess I'm just looking for something new.

I've never been taught stratigies so I just fell back to my Kickboxing background.


For me, the biggest thing is having a game that allows me to constantly attack.

If you let your opponent get his/her game going, whether they're in a superior or inferior position, you'll always be catching up.

If I let you start passing my guard, I've gotta stop the pass before I can start attacking. If I attack first, you'll have to stop me before you can start your pass.

So, I try to link techniques and 'games' that allow me to constantly be going for something. Even with MUCH less opportunity to train, this has made a huge improvement in my game over the past five months.


Bruce Lee's "5 methods of attack" hold true for strategical application just as much on the ground as they do standing up.

The basic standup strategy I learned was 1) make contact, 2) cut off their offense (positioning), 3) break their structure (posture), 4) deliver my offense, 5) determine if you need to rinse and repeat.

Although my grappling experience is limited, I don't see any great conflict with the above.

I'm talking about more specific stratigies. Off angles,


Broken rythym,

Stop and Go,

Attack by Combination,

Attack by Draw,

Block and Counter,

Probe Step,


I have a bunch from striking and some translate well into BJJ, I'm just wondering if there's any I'm not aware of.