Bjj strength vs. gym strength

I recently started BJJ classes and I'm thinking of quitting my gym because I don't know how much time I'll have to go there. Will I maintain the strength I've gotten from lifting if I just do BJJ plus some light lifting in the crappy gym at my apt. complex?

BJJ strength is much more functional so ditch the gym strength...not that lifting is bad but thats not where you want to dedicate youelf unless thats where you want to excel

Japetto said it right. Adding a good strength training routine will definitely help your BJJ. Try this website out: It offers some incredible training for people like us, foscusing on core strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurancer, etc.

I did it for 3 months leading up to a GP tourn and had never felt as strong in all aspects.

I'm in the same dillemma as you. I'm training bjj 4 times a week and then strength training twice a week.

I say do both, just focus on BJJ. Lifting has alot of health benefits and everyone should do it regardless.

I've found that I haven't lost that much strength after giving up the weights. If you can spend your time lifting then I think you should do it. But in my circumstances if you had to choose between getting more mat time or lifting weights I'd choose the mat time. I think that the less you rely on your strength the more you'll learn doing the BJJ. I only have four years experience training submission grappling so take that for what it's worth.


Depending on how long you have been lifting; It is going to be hard to put lifting second, and grappling first; it was for me.

But you wont lose much strength, the type of strength you gain from grappling is different from lifting weights.

You can still lift, but it is going to be a different type of workout; no more, chest on mon, arms on tues, etc...

Like some people have suggested do some research online or ask people in BJJ class that have been grappling for a while (who also lift) to help you out.


Thanks for the advice... i'm gonna check out that website. I'll see if I can stick with the gym and find a new routine for now. Worse comes to worse I'll drop the gym and try and do more strength exercises at home and in my apt. gym, which has some weights, but no dumbells above 50 lbs.