BJJ Tapes new products!

Just received an email that BJJ tapes is going to have a Bibiano Fernandes Instructional out in the next few weeks followed by Braulio Estima soon after. Here is the email...

I have started to produce DVD's again, and will come out with the rest
of my inventory this year. In a few weeks, the Bibiano Fernandes
instructional will be out. His instructional is reflective of the Gi
techniques they are using in Manaus.

Right after that, Braulio Estima's DVD series will be out. That should
be about 3 weeks from now. If all goes well, I should come out with 1
or 2 instructionals per month.

I will be filming a little more No-Gi this year, and will include Rani
Yahya, Rigan Machado, and Erik Paulson.

These instructionals have helped my game, and I think they will for you
as well.

1 or 2 a month?

Sounds good.


So what the scoop now with BJJ TAPES? Are they back with Gracie Barra? Where have they been and what's the scoop? HELP!