BJJ teacher riding old bike to dojo

I really like this guy and think he is a good teacher.  He is part owner of the dojo too.

A little weird to me though that I start seeing him pulling up in a 1980s 10 speed.  I tried to ask him about it and he seemed kind of mad.

like this one, but more rusty

Perhaps this is by choice.

grown man riding bike to work = DUI

Bingo ^ Phone Post

Pretty much means he's awesome. Phone Post

Haha, that's awesome. I'm also a member of the "bjj instructors who ride old, shitty bikes to class" club. For me, it's better than driving and trying to find parking in Philly (especially since I like stopping at various points during my ride), it's good exercise and it keeps me disciplined. Plus it's fun :) Phone Post

ultimatestreetfighter - grown man riding bike to work = DUI

Ever see the haggard 50-year old riding a BMX bike to the liquor store? That's a dead giveaway.

I humbly ride my late model Giant bike to work and to the gym, Funny you say that men who ride their bikes to work are DUI'ers because I don't wear any tights at all, so I definitely must look like one of those types. DUI cyclists ride box-store type bikes and don't exchange the subtle wave or nod that legit cyclist do when passing each other on the road -yeah, I've been snobbed a few times!

I walk. driving sucks. Phone Post

I ride my bicycle to my Academy often, it's a great warm up before my classes start, and parking can be a pain in the butt sometimes. A lot of my students are college students, and I lock my bike up right next to theirs, it's awesome!

BTW, no, I have no DUI's.

Oh,I just remembered...Rickson rode his bike to his school in "Choke", so it's legit.

It beats walking !!

Doesn't MG ride his bike to the academy? Phone Post

old road bikes with a steelframe are the best.. they are much more durable than carbon frames.. and much cheaper..

so your techer is a cool dude :)

marcelo garcia has a bianchi bike.. by the looks of the thin frame it seems to be a steel bike but i dunno..