BJJ Team Challenge


Coming to Sunnyvale, CA on September 22, 2012!

In Brazil the Brazilian National Championship by Teams is one of the main attractions of the CBJJ annual calendar. Athletes and fans agree that the team format is very exciting! For the athletes this is one of the few competitions where they are competing for their academies/teams not just association and themselves. As a result this creates a unique atmosphere. For supporters and fans this event is like no other. Although it’s great to cheer for your association at the bigger events (Pan Ams/Worlds) it’s even more special to support some one who trains at your own academy daily! To cheer for your team, like in any other sport, is both fun and exhilarating.

Now this format is coming to the US! Each team is made of up to four competitors; three of which are starters while the other one is a reserve. When it is time to face an opposing team, each team coach privately numbers their fighters from 1 to 3. Fighters who are given the same numbers will fight each other (1 against 1, 2 against 2 and so on). The team that scores two wins out of three matches advances in the competition. This makes it possible for a weaker team to beat a stronger team with strategy!!!

It is easy to understand the success of this formula, after all it allows an athlete to move on in the competition even if he loses his match. Strategy is very important and in the end a weaker team can beat a much stronger team. In Brazil the highlight of the event isn’t who wins but the feeling of union and team work that grows among the athletes. Everyone focuses on supporting their teammates so that they all can advance in the competition. It is quite common to witness battles where a team starts losing but rallies back to take the bracket. The fans also get a different feeling out of their cheering, since it’s team against team – or in this case, school versus school – just like in any other team sport such as football, basketball or baseball.


I always liked this format. I wish someone had copied it when I was still competing.

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 Interesting.  Approximately how many teams can compete in a feasable amount of time?  Is this a one day tourney?

Love the concept.