BJJ tournament in San Diego

Check out the link below for info on the San Diego BJJ Open tournament happening on Saturday October 1ST. I plan on competing in the white belt division and seeing how my wrestling experience will hold up.

Should be a good tournament with some top black belt competition. I heard on abubu dhabi news that Xande Riberio, Demian Maia, Arthur Ruff, Rafael Lovato Jr., Eduardo Telles, Cassio Werneck, Wander Braga, and Andre Galvao are all confirmed!

--info from website
The 2005 San Diego BJJ Open will have $12,000 U.S. dollars in prize money for professional black belts and team competition. First place black belts will win $2,500 and second place black belts will win $1,000. For black belts there will be a Lightweight (up to 181lbs/82,30Kg with gi on), Heavyweight (up to 221lbs/100,50Kg with gi on), and an Absolute division. Black belts can enter in both their weight and the Absolute, giving them a chance to win $5,000 total prize. The tournament promises to showcase some of the most exciting black belt fights. In addition the tournament pays the first place team $1,000 and second place team $500.

SaintDogg, are you competing or just going to watch?

I'll be there! Competing & taking pics.



hopefully my former instructor, joao cunha, will show.