BJJ tourny, Oct. 7th, Windsor, NS

Abhaya Academy is proud to host a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament in Windsor, NS on Oct. 7th. The tournament will be for adults, GI only and all experience levels are welcome.

I will be specifiing exact location, sponcers, and prizes as details are finalized.

Please send inquires to

Thank you, Rowan Cunningham

Good luck with the event Rowan. Please forward the information and I will encourage the guys to support your event.

Regards SAM

Awesome news Rowan,
The area needed another tournament. I am sure there will be several guys from Fit Plus attending.
Best of luck

thanks for the support guys. I'll be getting you info packages asap.

Prize info: Gamness Platinum Weave Gi's for the winner of the advanced division in each of the 3 weight classes! Check out for more info on Gamness Gi's.

Thanks, Rowan

We may have 3-5 guys that could come for the lower experience divisions. I sent you an email with my contact info. Same username will reach me.

Any idea what the weight classes will be?


We're hoping to have some women competing. Entry is free for women.

Hey Josh! Are you willing to wear a gi for this tourney?

For event info, check out:

If someone knows how to embed the above link and could let me in, I'd appreciate it:)


I love the tttA (eh).

There even some people who still use the secret handshake !!!!

yeah i think for shits and giggles i'll come out and wear the gi, unless i can have all "special rules" matches where my opponent must wear a gi, but i can wear board shorts and a rash guard.......seems fair.

If you win the adv. lightweight division, you'll win a top notch Gameness Gi. You'll have no choice but to take up BJJ.

Board shorts and rash guard are fine so long as they are under your gi:)


TTT 4 Rowans tournament

lol, sounds good Rowan. I will plan to be there.

Can I get a "woo woo!" for this tourney?! Yeah!




woo woo! ;-)