BJJ training in GA?

Hey guys, I'm gonna be in Savannah, GA for a week in February (15th-23rd) and I'm looking for a place to train bjj while I'm there. Any ideas?




You might want drop by SoldierGround forum and ask around too.

I just came back from working out at the Ft. Benning GA facility with SFC Matt Larsen. I dont know what the distant is from Savannah.

They have a large Combatives course and BJJ is a large part of their program.

Dave Rogers

I believe there is a bjj purple belt in Savannah. Mushin is across the state line on Hilton Head. Jason Hornbuckle's coach, Mr. Davis, is not too far away in Vidalia. There are some guys in Augusta and Brunswick as well. Oh yeah, there is a judo club at Georgia Southern in Statesboro.

thanks guys, I appreciate the info.

jscorbett, where in Brunswick? (I'll be at FLETC for the preceding week)

I think Relson Brown Garth Spendiff still teaches a few nights a week in Savan.
Adam SInger