BJJ training in SE Ohio

Does anyone know of any BJJ training offered in SE ohio? all i can see is karate and TKD. preferably morning classes because i work 3-11. also im new to this site my friend from work recommended it to me. im happy to be part of the UG and hope i can post threads and not sound to stupid with u "seasoned veterans" lol

Freak not sure exactly where your located but there should be a school or two close. Maybe Dustin Ware will see this thread and hook ya up with some info.

thanks cjones. ive really wanted to do this for a long time. Im located about an hour east of columbus to be exact. who is dustin ware? and at the risk of sounding like an idiot.... what does ttt mean? (remember i am a newbie on here)

I am Dustin Ware...REALLY!

I am a Purple Belt with Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel. I have a school in Columbus. I would love to have you come by our place. For more information about me, go to this link:

(I am the third guy down)

And for more info. about my school in Columbus:

As I am not sure where you are located, we also have a school (with 2 other Purple Belt) in Huntington, WV. Their site is:

If you need anything else, just send an email to


Hope to hear from you soon,

Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel

Where are you located we have a school in Parkersburg WV across the river from Belpre Oh 30 min from Athens Ohio University. We are part of Advanced BKJ 2 1 stripe Blue Belts and 1 Blue belt under Royce. Look us up at Dustin congrats on the new place I was at the 1st WV BJJ tourney your guys will do great. Our place is run by the guy you grappled for grand champion last month at Ohio akju. Stump


James is a Good Guy!

Are you guys going to be at the AKJU event next Sunday? I will have a few of my new guys there, and maybe even a surprise competitor!

By the way, did I mention that my new school also has SOLID Muay Thia Fighters & a MMA Open Mat on Saturdays???



Where is your school located Dustin? and congrats by the way on the new school.


i checked out ur site it looks like u have a great program i will either call u or email u sometime to talk about possibly signing up. the only problem i can see is ur class times are when im at work so i might try to work on 3rd shift so we can do this. by the way i will be starting from scratch i have only a few years wrestling experience from H.S. is this a problem?


ttt= to the top


Your lack of expirence is not really an issue! All but 2 of the guys in my class are White Belts and a few just started takeing BJJ when I started teaching here. With your wrestling background, it wont take long for me to get you going in the right direction.

As for class times, I also have a "Alternative Class" that I offer on Saturday's. Just get in touch with me so we can discuss what will be best for you!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dustin Ware

J Roc,

It is located in Grove City, within the International Martial Arts Acaedemy.

For a map and more info. please go to:

As you can see above, this show is a branch of Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel. Jorge will be at the school doing some Seminars in mid-May. We also hope to have one of his Brown Belts teaching here (starting in June) twice a month!

Let me know if you would ever like to stop in!!

Dustin Ware