BJJ - Very Bad Injury (VID)

Found this on today. Nasty injury looks VERY VERY painful. calls it a wrestling move gone bad, but it is of course BJJ. Enjoy

That one has been posted many times before and it still gives me the shivers.

I had never seen it before. Sorry to everyone that has already seen it.

If you have not seen it, you will cringe.

Does anyone know what the extent of the injury was?

I think the guy was fine. You want a real bad injury find the one of that BJJ blackbelt destroying the whitebelts arm. The poor kid only trained for like 6 months.

TTT for that BB being a malicious bitch.

the most foul thing i've ever seen in a grappling competition...


But he didn't get any points for passing his guard. That's the important thing.


if its the back break one.... he was pretty much fine... there is a thread on hear with the guy

That's like tapping from a can opener...

All you have to do is open your legs.

Bad Karma very bad action and intentional back break