BJJ vs Integrated Grappling?

To all those who have practice both systems? Which one do you prefer?

what is intergrated grappling?

Thats when you integrate...uhhhh...your...uhhh....grappling?

If you do integrated grappling, how can you derive it to prove the original grappling equation?

I think integrated grappling is the JKD brand of grappling that has some bjj, some sambo, some silat, and some Larry Hartsell stuff.

I'm having too much fun with bjj to really try anything else. Maybe some greco, judo, and freestyle wrestling training, but my "ground base" is bjj.

I was a limited white belt in BJJ and beat (badly) an advanced intergrated (under the Hartsell organization) Grappler. Apparently he was helping a high ranked certified JKD instructor in that same organization teach grappling seminars. I tapped him out like there was no tomorrow and this was when I was just under a year in BJJ. He had been training for about 5 years.

Hope that helps!


I believe it. It's sad, really.

Portuguese its not the point coz intergrated is for the STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

One day a brown belt in BJJ came to my school (I was a
white belt) and I tapped him out with a clock choke.
he sucked then he sucks now as a black belt. It is the
person, not the system.

By and large BJJ schools have a more effective built
in quality control system, but the bigger it gets the
more crap will pass for quality. It happens with

Are you really surprised?

any names (for the sucky BJJ BB)?

I have a really hard time believing a legitimate BJJ black belt was tapped by a white belt.

A Japanese Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt getting tapped out by a BJJ white belt???......Yeah, I believe it.

"I have a really hard time believing a legitimate BJJ black belt was tapped by a white belt."

True, I have yet to meet a BJJ black belt that "sucked" on the mat.

Wierd story, and the fact that it's so weird, points directly to why the BJJ delivery system is so functional.

In other words, in the off chance you hear about an Instructor that cannot 'perform' the delivery system of BJJ against a resisting opponent. . .people actualy have a hard time believing it. That say's all that needs saying.

-Matt Thornton

He was not a BJJ black belt at the time, though he did become one later on.

You are right though I was quite surprised at the time.

At to legitimacy, that has been discussed to death around here too.

What happens if your integrated grappling disintegrates? Is it just grappling then?

sorry, unless you name him, I don't believe it.

Sled Dog is not telling tales. I was not witness to this event but I
know who he is speaking of. He has no reason to make up stories
but I am sure he will not name names (out of respect) so give up


So it wasn't a black belt being beaten by a white belt.

Was he a purple belt or brown belt?

Did this white belt have other grappling experience?

Was it just rolling and mucking around? I ask because I sometimes play with white belts and blue belts but there's a difference in just playing and letting someone get something to actually grappling hard.

"If you do integrated grappling, how can you derive it to prove the original grappling equation?"

Um, use the Fundamental Theorem?

it happens...Bolo related a story once about a BJJ Brown Belt who got tapped (armbar) by one of Joe M's white belts.

Blue Belts catch black belts now and then.

as for system...Unless is is a really PHONEY BALONEY system some joker made up, most of what is taught out there in MMA/NHB schools is usually real good