BJJ VS Judo Rd.3

I know everyone here is a pro fighter and that his/her martial art is always the best, so This thread is not for a pissing contest between styles.

I have trained in BJJ for 4-5 years and now have recently taken on training in Judo. I think that they have a lot of simmilarities but more than that they have differences that really compliment each other. I think they are both great and have a lot of respect for all of you who train in both or just one of these arts.

Train Hard, Fight Well and Live Long
Joe (RF)

goldstar for you! by the way, last decade called. you should really put this regurgitated tripe and boring heading on the underground instead, where they would actually care.

Hey assw!pe,
Get the hell off my thread. Despite what you may believe this is not just a play ground for mindless twits like your self. There are actually people on here that post because it is to say some thing useful to people who are few and far between. I was simply stating that I respect people for training in both arts and the title was to make everyone look. From this point forward intelligent posts only please.

Thread title sucks I know but If I put I respect all of you who train in the title I would be burned alive at the stakes and forbidden from ever taking part in either art and probably banned from ever posting again, by all the tough guys around here.

are you 15 or 16? you sound like liquidtechnique with tourette's syndrome. at least you use paragraphs.

so according to yourself, something useful is something that's been posted a million times over here? your confrontational style is useful? lol, and you are the one calling me mindless.

''There are actually people on here that post because it is to say some thing useful to people who are few and far between.''

oh, and by the way, by saying that most of us post useless stuff, you are basically insulting the rest of us on the judo forum.

or, based your towering intellect and looking at the actual sentence the way it was written, are you saying that people here are few and far between? your the mental giant after all.

go back to school junior and flame the people on the UG. we'd rather have beneficial discussions about JUDO than trade insults with a sophisticated troll who is obsessed.

even resnick, who isn't even a troll, was far more wittier in his insults when he first started posting here.

If you wanna join hands and sing hymns you've come to the wrong place...

quincy, i guess you have a point, i had to take a moment to remember how much flaming there is here sometimes.

but the bjj vs. judo has been done to death, don't you think? it's not really a nobel prize winning statement to say bjj and judo compliment eachother. it's pretty damn boring now.

I like the rivalry..People are pussies..They all want to hold hands and sing martial art carols...Well not me..I love a good feud, sprinkled with shit talking and violence.

"So say I caught a really good brazilian Judo blackbelt of 17 years who is also a Brazilian Top Team purple belt.
Loss for Judo, or a loss for Jiu-Jitsu?
Really.. I've been wondering this."

Loss for Judo, not because you beat him though, but because after 17 years of Judo he is only the equevalant of a bjj purple..WTF? What a pussy.

kumbiya my lord kumbiya,
Some one's whining lord....

Hey Jacktown - get a life you pussy.


What the hell is brazilian Judo? Is that Biowling?

can't we just hold hands and be friends...J/K
Just fu@king with you for messing with my oudated out of style thread title(RF hangs up phone with last decade, tells them they can't have thread title back). The point was I respect people for stepping on the mat in either not just that they compliment each other.
(Relsonfighter extends hands to join and sing "we are the world")...I love the rivalry shit too but now I'm confused because I train in both so I am begining to hate myself.
"Yes Brazilian Judo, I hear from reliable sources (voices in my head) the name of Judo is going to be changed to Brazilian Judo"

LOL at the mutual welfare and benefit being displayed on this thread........

"I love the rivalry shit too but now I'm confused because I train in both so I am begining to hate myself."

I give you six months til the new judo you kicks the old bjj you's ass..