BJJ(with Gi)+Wrestlin=Sub Grapplin

If someone wrestles (Folkstyle) and does BJJ (with a gi on), would he be able to do well in submission grappling (gi-less) since he is used to rolling around without a gi (because of his wrestling background), despite the fact that all his "submission" experience (meaning his experience in grappling arts that also have submissions) has been with the gi on, as well as his guard or passing guard game?

So what I'm basically saying is how long woul dit take for a person with said background to adjust his ground game from gi to no-gi grappling if he has a Folkstyle wrestling background (which is gi-less) and a Brazilian jiu jitsu background (which has the gi)?

Please give me som einput guys.

His takedowns and control will be there already. All he has to do is adjust his grips when going for subs and he's there.

Its easier going gi to no-gi than the other way around.

no one else?

The GI makes u better, a top gi guy will beat a top n0-gi guy who has never put a gion, every time. the GI makes ur game tighter. period.


I understand that this seems to be common "knowledge", but is there any proof that can be pointed to, as of yet, that someone who trains BJJ, exclusively no-gi, will, more often than not, get beaten by someone who exclusively trains with the gi, if they were both in a no-gi competition? When I say proof, I mean results from matches where the above has been the case, although I readily concede that it may be difficult to find matches like that due to the fact that no-gi competitions are only a few years ol dnad so the competitors have either come from a gi background or if not, they've come from a backgroudn that was way different that BJJ, whose rule form the backbone of submission grappling, and as such, any match results become a gi-trained BJJist and no-gi non-BJJist would not be fair to use as proof to prove one opinion or the other.

To answer the original question. I think the transition for such an individual would be pretty easy given that he already knows how to hold, grip and control from Folkstyle. A minor adjustment in some submission grips/setups and he'd do just fine.

Regarding the comment about who has done well in AbuDhabi

Jeff Monson is a freak of nature.. So is Mark Kerr... when is the last time you heard of either of them submitting anyone.

I remember hearing about this crazy purple belt named Baret Yoshida cleaning house in Gi tournaments in Hawaii a few years back.

Caoul Uno also got his clock cleaned by JJ Machado, who is primarily gi, in that very same final.

Sakuraba has to my knowledge not actually submitted anyone in a submission grappling match. He is a fighter and has needed strikes to set up his submissions.

Royler is an example of someone who was gi only and he won his first abu dhabi with only a month or two of no-gi. (now he trains no gi a lot more)

Leozinho, Pe De Pano (that douchebag), Werdum, Saulo, Liborio.. etc.. have done pretty damn well at abu dhabi for being gi guys.

Why do people hate the gi so much, its like all i hear out of this forum is "gi sucks" no gi guys are better...pajamas..etc..etc. If you don't like it, don't train in it, but don't knock the merits it has either. There are too many people who came from gi exclusive backgrounds who are winning no gi competitions to say that the gi does not work as a training tool. Its a fact.

Jeff Monson is a freak of

I wrestled about 10 years and did BJJ with the gi only for about 2 years then switched to no gi for a couple of years. Wrestling background makes the switch a lot easier, I'm not much of a collar choke so no gi doesn't affect my top game a whole lot. I do have a better guard with the gi on though, those grips make things a lot easier and you gotta train your guard no gi if you plan on using it, sweeps in particular are 100 times harder, you gotta really take their base away.