BJJ World 2006 DVD !!!

This item will be in stock at our Los Angeles Store and ready to be ship this Monday, December 18th 2006


World Championship DVD , the most prestigious Jiu-Jitsu tournament of the year. This DVD showcases the most exciting fights from this spectacular event. Fighters such as Roger Gracie, Alexandre Ribeiro, Marcelo Garcia, André Galvão, Mario Reis, Nino "Elvis" Schembri, Marcio Feitosa, Bibiano Fernandes, Rubens Charles, Bráulio Estima and others flaunt their world-class skills in breathtaking performances.

This double DVD containing approximately 7 hours of action is just what your BJJ-hungry eyes were looking for.

Check it out !!


I wanna read a DVD review from your resident JJProGear expert, Ron Shinkai.

I thought Ron was Gilberto's trusty assistant?


resident JJProGear expert sounds better than trusty assistant, doesn't it?