The way i see it, it is until countries develop teams and form national bodies usa/bra/can ju jitsu etc... If im wrong are their any relevant Russian/Chechen Sambo players competing at worlds or any wrestlers from Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan?

Its my understanding BJJ is irrelevant in these i on to something? Phone Post

It's the worlds because the best in the world at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu compete there. Is it perfect? No, but it's hard to argue that the winners are not the absolute best in the world.

The Sambo and wrestlers from Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan have the opportunity to compete if they like.

This is what ADCC is for. It pits the best submission grapplers against each other from all over the world, regardless of discipline. I think a few Sambo/Eastern European wrestlers did well early on via points, but it's been a while.

Its called the BJJ worlds not the sub grappling worlds.. thats the flaw in your argument. Like JRockwell said thats what ADCC is for. A format for any "grappler". Im sure they have a "world" Sambo event, is it not a world title because Buchecha isnt there?

 you are not on to anything.  All the prior posts have disproved your theory.

It's probably truly a "world championship" for Adult Black Belts.

For colored belts, I think the Brasilieros probably have a higher level of competition.

If the Mundials were held in Brasil next year, there wouldn't be as many American winners in the colored belt division. It's one thing to drive 20 minutes to long beach to compete, but something quite different to have to fly to Brazil to compete. Likewise, it's simply a burden for a lot of Brazilians to have to fly to the U.S. to compete.

I Think most traditional sports you qualify and get your travel paid for to compete at a world championship. But on the other hand they aren't allowed to have personal sponsorships on their uniforms at those types of events. As stated above, not perfect, but I think you can argue that you are/were the best in the world (at weight, and or belt) if you win.

It's certainly the most prestigious tournament and if someone wanted to take that claim away from you they could dojo storm you or have bucked up and got out there to compete. No one is going to brag that they are the best in the world but they can't afford to prove it. They might say "I'd like to try, but it's too expensive".