BJJ'er arrested!

This is nuts! I just saw this on the t.v. This guy is a bjj guy, I think a blue belt. This has to be a shock to anyone who knows him.

"Detectives say there is much more to Veiga's story. They say he and his wife were actually working on a book about how to help parents protect their children from sexual predators."

What an assclown,he should be ass-raped by Bob Sapp or Giant Silva.

Seems we won't be seeing "Your Father" much on this forum anymore.


The article said noting about BJJ... what gives?

Some guys know him, I guess from local tournaments. I was trying to see if anyone here knows or trains with the guy.

Just 'cause a man is accused of something doesn't mean he's guilty. It wouldn't be the first time the police have arrested the wrong man and the papers went out and told everyone about it before he was found guilty.

The article didn't say anything about how the police were led to believe he was the culprit.


It can't be YourFather, he is still a white belt.

They have video for the 10 pm news, maybe it will show more. It says they will release the photo later after some lineups.


buzzbjj- shoot me an e-mail.

did you see your pic in the GQ web site?

On the way.. those pics show me getting a butt kicking :)

damn thats crazy, thats right up from our school too Randy.....


jkd.. Would you have ever thought this guy would do this kind of thing??? I would imagine that he would act totally normal in the dojo. I bet his wife is blown away.