Has anyone ever ordered from bjjmart, if so what is the turnaround time for getting the item shipped? I ordered a Koral gi last night, and I am wondering how long it will take to ship. I ordered a pair of gameness shorts from and it took them almost two weeks to even ship the shorts out.

Hey guess what- Daveeed open a school in Pinellas Park and guess who is putting on a seminar???? Pe De Pano- next Monday! Haha and you are stuck in Chicago! LOL!

So did Carlos Jr. give David his Black Belt?


ttt for any info on bjjmart

My order took a while too but that's because i sent them a personal check and they wouldn't ship it out until it cleared.

Did you pay with a personal check or credit card?

If Credit card, i don't think it should take that long to ship.

I have orderd two books from them and had the books in two weeks or less and I live in Canada, I would order from them again.

I found them great. Would definitely order from them again. I got my Arte Suave videos, and som books from there. They came real quick, and I'm down in Oz. of the best in the biz.

Very fast service....

Just and update...thier customer service is amazing. They responded same day with a tracking number and to let me know they had the item in stock. I will definitely order from them again soon.

The BEST Period!