BJM announcement on Friday


Longtime UFC referee Big John McCarthy will join host Mauro Ranallo on FIGHT NETWORK RADIO (Sirius Channel 186) at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT on Friday following an important announcement regarding his future. McCarthy will make the announcement during a teleconference Friday morning.

Considered MMA’s preeminent referee, McCarthy officiated his first UFC match at UFC 2 in 1994. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, McCarthy has officiated more than 500 MMA matches during his unparalleled career.


Anyone know if he is calling it quits as a referee?

Wow, that would really suck. But he has his school, probably a higher up job in the UFC, he probably is set and wants to move on to do other things.

He was absent at the last UFC, so it's possible.

wouldn't be surprised if he's done as a UFC ref...I've been waiting for that announcement...

"He will probably be officiating M-1 fights now because UFC gives him no respect and low money but he doesn't care about the money its the respect but the money too but no the respect but yeah the money. He will fight fedor"

"He was absent at the last UFC, so it's possible."

All the "regular" refs were absent because the New Jersey commission wanted to use their own.

I figured that he didn't ref in the last UFC as it was in New Jersey and they already had their refs to use in New Jersey.

He does have his school though and from what I remember once reading, the refs make like $1k or $2k for reffing. If he has a job in the UFC, it is paying more than that.

Yep! I lost on the Thanksgiving day game between the Lions and Packers. I was thinking too much with my heart and of course got the shit kicked out of me (Lions)!

I live in East Lansing, MI which is about 80 miles from Detroit.

Man that'd suck if he retired from reffing, he should really KEEP WORKING, KEEP WORKING