Bjorn killed a dog?

I keep hearing about that and I googled it and Its just confusing. Something about him possibly killing sugar rays dog this and that but nothing specific. Whos git the scoop. I need to know about this Phone Post

he killed him then ate the dog. Bjorn is part Korean.



Mmalogic's dog Phone Post 3.0

Where Ma Dogs at? Phone Post 3.0

never heard of it but found this

Who knows wtf that actually says....

Did he find its head in his bed when he awoke? Phone Post 3.0

Something about Bjorn put a spike in its head or something I know sugar ray said something about it in a interview I'll search for the link and see if I can find it ... Phone Post 3.0

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If the story posted is true, this is the gist.  Rebney and another guy Ersoff worked with Sugar Ray Leonard.  At some point Leonard got in a bad situation with a mistress and he was desperate to get it taken care of since he was in the process of rehabilitating his image.  Rebnet and Ersoff hired a well known entertainment lawyer to take care of it.  (Think Ray Donovan.)  Leonard, Rebney, and the law firm wanted to take extreme measures and Ersoff disagreed.  This started a dispute that eventually lead to Ersoff suing Rebney, Leonard, and the firm.  The day after the suit was filed, Ersoff's dog (well his wifes dog) was found with a spike driven through it's head.  He's sure that Rebney and the firm did this.  Later it would be confirmed by Rebney that their lawyer had used connections with the FBI to set up a raid of his house to scare him and additionally set up a phone conversation to catch Ersoff incriminating himself, although he never did.

So it seems like it's more like Rebney was associated with a dispute that lead to a spike being driven through a dogs head.  Not that anyone has accused Rebney of actually doing the deed. 

First the dog, now Eddie Alvarez? This mans a killer! Phone Post 3.0

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The gist of it appeared to be that in addition to a numbr of other shady things, one day after Bjorn Rebney was sued by Seth Ersoff, Seth Ersoff's wife's dog had a metal spike driven through his wife's head. Considering Rebney also set up an FBI sting purely to try and intimidate Ersoff and also try to catch him self-incriminating himself, it seems Rebney was already going all out to try and intimidate Ersoff any way he could. So yeah it rather looks like Rebney is a fucking psychopath.

Proof?? Phone Post 3.0

bignightmare - never heard of it but found this

Who knows wtf that actually says....

Thats what I initially read which left me confused. Phone Post

Well thanks for the info guys. I always wondered whether that was true. I guess the juries still out on that one. Weird situation though either way you look at it. Phone Post

Bellator Fan is either Bjorn his bf or his brother

Seth Ersoff's wife's dog had a metal spike driven through his wife's head.