BJPENN.COM VID episode11!!

UPDATE: The DEV team has been working their asses off and have brought you a new site and a new player!

Summary: Last night was anything but our usual class structure, including, a full contact test and an inclass challenge. The idea behind the full contact test is to give the upcoming mma fighters some cage experience with an audience before or after an MMA debut. This also allows them a chance to showcase thier skills in a safe environment.

.. and what about TUF?? HUH???? ;) NUTZ!!!

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sorry to be a dumbass, but what the hell is ttt. anyway , love the new site , new episode was great. new tutorials section was a nice addition too. thank you BJ. hey bj can we get some more of the local hiphop , love that shit!!!!


TTT = "TO THE TOP" (I think I've also heard it as Take that to the top as well, even though thats 5 T,s)
Anyway, TTT.


BJ's website is great. Lots of great footage there

awesome T T T



shamelessly sneaking one up to the top** ;)


love these things.

ttt,not too keen on the new set up its a bit compressed I liked the choices before. All work in progress I suppose. Still an awesome site


t to the tt

Please leave the hip-hop out for us non-brother's.

TTT! gnarly site, keep it up!


As always, thanks BJ for the awesome website and allowing us to view the videos for free!!!