BJ's entrance music?

Forgive my lack of hipness.

Come on now, someone has to know?

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Thank you very much.

Goes to iTunes

And they don't have it.

Isnt it Charles Barkley?

Yes, yes, i know but its actually its CB singing, he just changed his name went he went into the music biz, you know those black people are.

was it the original radio version? i thought the beginning sounded a little bit different.

The intro was a little bit longer, so I think it was a remix. But the rest of the song sounded like the regular radio mix

^^^thanks for the info!

The intro was "Hawaii 78" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Fuck you Alex. Be done with you.

Thank you for that I.D. on Isreal, legitballer

i quickly made Penn's intro after i heard it. i messed up a little bit on the crossover between the songs. i also found Barnett's Fist of the Northstar intro and Saku's Monkey Magic intro. I uploaded them here(myspace).

Gnarls Barkley are awesome.

Thank you Junon.

If you guys think Gnarls Barkley is awesome, you better get Sleepy Brown before he goes triple platnium. You heard it here first.