BJ's guard

This is an attempt to bring this topic back to productive discussion.

BJ used two types of guard in this match, both of which are not often seen in MMA.

1) A variant of rubber guard. As far as I understand Eddie's RG, BJ's is a little different because it's not based on the one arm hug, other foot on hip structure Eddie's has, it's more of a really high guard. The game seems to be that when the opponent postures, BJ wraps one of both legs over the opponent's arms. At one point, BJ has his guard closed over both of Matt's arms around the bicep joint.

I must admit I don't really understand how this works. Input?

2) Peekout Guard. This is an attempt to avoid the Octopus Guard controversy. What the strategy seems to be is: avoid elbows by using a shell structure and actively try to slip to the side, underneath the opponent's armpit (like a peekout) and then to control the position by laying your arm on top of the opponent's neck and upper back.

This worked really well for Penn. Hughes couldn't strike effectively from that position and Penn had many offensive options (taking the back being the most obvious). This seems to be a very good guard against elbow GNPers, e.g. Ortiz, Hughes. Is this going to be BJJ's answer to kneeling GNP?

I love seeing technical innovation in actual matches. I'm waiting for someone to show a good technical grappling answer to the standing GNP (e.g. Fedor).

Could we have a technical discussion this? What other entries do you think would be good? Weaknesses you can see? Options and attacks?

some thoughts in regard to defending against Fedor's standing g&p....

1) make use of x guard or a variance of it more suited to mma as he is standing and by going under him makes it harder to for him to strike with a solid shot and gives the opportunity to sweep him by disrupting his base

2) still thinking...

if one were to attempt X-guard on Fedor, they better hit the sweep in transition damn quick or they may just die. Even Marcello has been stuck in the postion (like in his match with Leo). Being stuck against Fedor would mean a crushed skull.

I dont think there is a specific technical answer to Fedors G&P. Simply because he stands and backs up when it aint lookin good for him.

You dont really do this in BJJ, you go for the pass. Fedor is not interested in passing.

If u were going for the x-guard, you would probably have to start in the half guard underhooking the leg, like nog does with that sweep every single fight. But getting there is the problem.

I've been struck in the face accidentally in x guard training sport bjj. All the guy did was drop his knee on my face as I scooped under.

I think BJ needs to release an instructional.

Watched the fight last night and was very interested in the peakout under the arm position he uses. I have long flexible legs and love to take the back from the guard so will definitely be playing with this tonight

could someone describe this "peekout under the arm" technique? i didn't see the fight...

easiest way to explain it is with his guard still closed, underhooked Hughes' left arm with his own left arm, then brought his arm back across Hughes' shoulders. Then opened his guard, kicked the right leg over, bingo, back taken.

I normally work the other way roung, switch my legs over then try to clear my head (this is difficult) his way seems more likely to suprise someone.

here's the fight to study in full

I found this to work pretty well against a smaller guy, bigger guy (outweighs me by 20 or so Kg) was able to block it though. Will continue trying with this as it is a pretty unexpected move.