BJ's shun to UFC!

He didn't even let Joe ask him to talk us through the replay total slap to UFC's commercial face!

BJ obviously doesn't care for Mickey's Malt Liqueor.

BJ obviously doesn't care for Mickey's Malt Liquor.

hey ... he showed the can.

and didn't pretend to drink it while it was closed at least.

actually his can was open, and empty

I thought it was weird they put so much time in front of BJ to Pulver. Pulver was a class act and very respectful, however, it was kinda weird Penn wasn't allowed to speak first since he did win the fight. Maybe that's why he bailed so quickly......almost like Jens stole his thunder. However, great fight and great job to both fighters.

I didn't notice it until somebody pointed it out, but Jens did get to speak first. What's up with that Rogan?

I've seen it before. If you are going to interview BOTH fighters, interview the loser first, so the winner has the final/longer word so to speak.