BKB 25 Sunday April 10 on the Fight Network

-Jimmy Sweeney vs. Barrie Jones
-Carl Hobley vs. Mickey Parker
-Sean George vs. Tony Lafferty
-Tony Barrett vs. Arron Lambourne
& Much More

On a side note.
Mark Godbeer was not fond of this promotion as was discussed in this great interview on the Lytes out podcast. Regardless Mark is entertaining to listen to and this should be some great Bare Knuckle action. Hell I’m still pumped Richman wiped out the Caveman and now this on Sunday?

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How do you watch? Is it free or do you have to subscribe?

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If you have The Fight Network channel you’re good otherwise you can find it on Fite TV for PPV.

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Live in 15 minutes!!!

Heavyweights start the night, there is 2 world title fights aswell as 2 British title bouts aswell as saying they are affiliated with Dada 5000 BYB and a BYB vs BKB matchup is on tonight’s card.

And we are informed BYB staple and referee Barrington Patterson has passed away at age 56 due to a heart attack.

An old school fighter may he RIP. He had a big heart and was involved in projects keeping youth out of gangs.


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Are you watching Phooey? There has been some great fights. British LW title fight just ended a 5 round war with the challenger winning.

British BW title on the line now Shawn George 7-3 the champion just had round one stolen from him to challenger Tony The tiger somebody? 5-3, great start though in terms of action.


A 5 round back and forth bloody battle!! Holy PISS that was awesome.

The 37 year old Shawn George retains his British BW title and improves to 8-3.

The British commentary team are making fun of soccer players pussyfooting around over an untied shoe more or less while these bare knuckle brawlers just don’t quit.


Robin Black is joining them aswell through a stream online as he watches in Canada.

World Cruiserweight title up next between two long time sparring partners!!