BKFC Free Prelims

Enjoy the free prelims coming up later.


Thanks for posting.

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Prelims are live.

Fights have been fucking brutal so fsr. So many friend on friend action

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Houston Alexander is about to fight.

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People are sleeping on BKFC. I cant believe how many UfC vets are fighting here. Houston fucking Alenxander


Holy shit that was fucking brutal


For $5 a month BKFC is well worth it… plus they have Gamebteads’ bare knuckles mma as well

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Houston came out throwing bombs. 49 years old, he’s in great shape.

Man that late shot from Houston was fucking brutal so brutal they didn’t show the replay. I always liked the guy and the old ko’s and he did seem legitimately upset that he lost control falling back to his MMA instincts… fucking brutal KO

Yeah Houston fucked that guy up bad

Mark Coleman, first UFC champ ever, is cornering tonight.

Another savage knockout. God damn BKFC fucking delivering

Roid rage!


Josh Burns is a cunt. What an asshole

Is seeing Mark Coleman corning a bare knuckle sport bringing back memories for anyone else like the old IVC events when Coleman would always corner Americans there in Brazil

I saw the replay but missed it live so I didn’t see the illegal shot. Sounds like they should have disqualified Houston. Regardless of premeditation.

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It was pretty rough man. Live they zoomed in on his face when he was out and you just saw a close up of what looked like a late hit power shot on an unconscious guy who was on his back in a stand up rules only fight…


He technically should have been disqualified but the other guy went down hard right before the punch so I guess they took that into consideration. BKFC doesn’t like disqualifying guys.