BKFC is such a graveyard

Such a graveyard.

BKFC…where MMA careers go to die.

Again and again we see these vets cut from UFC and Bellator to go get their last couple paydays in BKFC.

I honestly hate bare knuckle boxing. I think its the strung out methhead of combat sports. I know its a tough sport and all I just hate to see you take away the wrestling, BJJ and kickboxing skills of these MMA vets and make them box without gloves for their last couple paydays and days in the sun as athletes.


With the amount of knockdowns, knockouts and bloodbaths, the fights themselves are the most exciting even though they have no mic game, but it’s too barbaric for faint of heart to be taken seriously as sport.


You need to stop acting lile MMA is some respectable sport compared to bare knuckle boxing. They are fivhting in a cage for money. Not for honor, the fans, to test themselves or any of that shit. They fight in a cage for money. Adding gloves and grappling doesnt give it any more legitimacy than BKB


I can watch worldstarhiphop for free and see plenty of knockdowns and bloodbaths…I don’t need to see bare knuckle on top of established combat sports with talent pools.

I’m sure its cool if you are a kid coming up but once you have seen everything…its redundant.

I can’t just sit around and watch Joey Beltran and Tony Lopez punch each other in the face for no reason…I don’t care about blood but its boring.

With real boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, BJJ, judo and MMA out there, I just have no need for bare knuckle.

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You need to stop acting like you need to be telling other people how to think. Don’t like it? Great. Take a walk.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the wrestling, BJJ and kickboxing in MMA and its great to see, hence the reason I have no need to watch forty year old shot MMA fighters punch each other without gloves.

Enjoy your BKB, have fun with that.

It will take some time to build their own stars, but it’s coming. They are rapidly growing and it’s exciting to watch. I can’t see how if you enjoy combat sports, you don’t enjoy BKFC.


It is still raw, lots of potential.
The sky is the limit. On a rare, weak fight night, i will check in on BKFC to make sure they are doing okay still…

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Youre one daying “With real boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, BJJ, judo and MMA out there, I just have no need for bare knuckle”. As an idiot once said"Don’t like it? Great. Take a walk.".

This clown thinks BKFC created bareknuckle boxing. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I would love to know how many people signed up for that app.

Going to a straight app is a never ever good idea

Riggs last win in BKFC was over Guillard who is 0-9-0-1NC in his last 10 MMA fights and 2-6 in his BKFC career. They have a combined 41 years in MMA and BKB and are a combined 20 years past their primes.

That fight was the main event of the evening.

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I think they are very entertaining.


The current BKFC HW champ is 4-6 in his last 10 MMA fights and is now 40.

I see why some people like it but just think it can be entertaining and be a MMA graveyard org at the same time.

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Cuban Assassin is legit scary though. That’s the guy they should be promoting.

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And hes 6-1 in his current sport soo


Hey hats off to him, not knocking Beltran at all, dude is tough and always brings it but just making a point about bare knuckle boxing being a sport that attracts a lot of MMA fighters once their time in the top 50 rankings and chance to climb higher has passed.

Its obviously proven to be a great move for Beltran.

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