Black belt challenge Wed, 17th

1) Ricardo Barros (Ralph Gracie) - (TBA Machado Representative)
2) Ed Keller (Joe Moreira) - Chris Smith (Charles Gracie)
3) Marc Kompaneyets (Marcus Vinicious) - Cassio Weneck (Barra Gracie)
4) Waldomiro, Jr. (Marcus Vinicius) - Martin Sanchez (Joe Moreira)
5) Joao Silva (Aloisio Silva) - Daniel Golot (Brazil Team)
6) Paolo Guillobel (Machado)- John Gunaha (Ralph Gracie)
7) Walter (Rodrigo Medeiros) - Jared Weiner (Lloyd Irvin)
8 ) Wander Braga (Jorge Pereira) - Fabio Vinella (Machado)
9) Ricardo Hellraiser (Joe Moreira) - Dartanian Bagby (Wander Braga)

See ya all rhere.

Hey Choked OuT!
Good to see the Black Belt Challenge back again. Too bad my wife and I can't watch it this year...we moved to the East Coast. Anyways, I have a some questions:

1.)Who is Ricardo Hellraiser? Is he the same Ricardo that trained with us before he moved to Texas a couple years ago?
2.) Did Martin used to train with John Muniz?
3.)Where's Kenny Kellenberger and Junior? It'd be cool to see them compete again.

Just curious. I think I might of trained with those guys. If they're who I think they are, they are tough as nails w/ great technique. Looks like some good fights.
Well, hope to see ya next time we're up in SoCal.

Ricardo Hellraiser has a school in Florida,tuff sucker,Martin did train with John but now is teaching in Riverside somewhere,Kenny feel off the earth,don't know his where abouts.Junior has a school in Huntington beach.

The event is at the Hollywood casino in L.A.

Results? Interested in how Ricardo Barros did ... he's my nephew's instructor.