Black Belt Club

Hey Guys,

A martial arts business consultant has suggested that I implement a "Black Belt Club" at my school.

Do any of you train at a school with a BBC? What is the difference between the regular program and the BBC?

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Never heard of such a thing. What is the purpose?

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Don't know if this has been covered in the vanished replies, but a TMA school I used to train at had a Black Belt Club.

Basically it was just a marketing thing - you sign up to a longer contract (around a year or a year-and-a-half from memory) and in exchange you get a slightly cheaper monthly rate, slightly cheaper entry to seminars (TMA seminars, woohoo!), and a nice little 'Black Belt Club' badge to sew to your uniform.

Not a bad marketing exercise, and good for student retention, though if rather falls flat if you're at a school that doesn't award belts ;-)



Adam LaClair,

There were more replies on the Atama BJJ Forum version of this thread.

In most traditional TKD schools a BBC is in effect.  It's main purpose is to set a guarantee that whomever signs up for it will stay signed up at least until they get promoted to black belt.  This helps to guarantee the owner of the school continued and progressed tuition. 

I don't agree with it.  I think it equals manipulation.  If you're a legit Instructor, it should be your goal to get every student to BB.  You shouldn't have to have a seperate club for that.   

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