Black Belt in Jacksonville, FL

Gracie Barra Black Belt, Aparecido "Bill" is now providing group and private instruction under the Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network in Jacksonville, FL

"Bill" is a 2x World Champion and 7x Brazilian Champion.

If you are in Jacksonville come train with us. Contact information and directions are on our website at

Larry Shealy




Does the school have a childrens program? My friends son wants to take BJJ. I think he's 12. If you don't offer a program, do you know of a school that does in Jax?


Yes we do. Currently Tuesday nights from 615-700. But Bill and I are now working on a total childrens curriculum and additional times. As well as more training times during the day for adults.


Did Bill shut down his New Orleans school? I heard he is a great instructor. Louisiana is back to having ZERO BJJ black belts in the state.

Bill did not close in New Orleans. He has Darren DeSalvo teaching for him and he's bringing one of his students in from Brazil to teach in New Orleans.

Yes, Bill in a very good instructor and we are glad to have him in Jacksonville.

ttt for "Bill"


Who is Darren DeSalvo? What schedule are they keeping in New Orleans?