Black Belt Jones

Required viewing? Or don't waste my time?

More than required viewing.

I think I'm going to go pull out my trampline and use it to jump over my fence.

 I LOVE that movie.  The car wash fight scene after he bones his girl is sort of a religious experience.

fiercedragon - old school Jim Kelly=GREAT! thought he was dead until he turned up in a Lebron commercial and i damn near spit out my snapple...

I keep hearing about this! I want to see what this dude looks like now. Ive seen what Roper looks like in the past few years.

 They did a screening of BBJ at the Alamo Drafthouse a few years back and he was in attendance for that.




 Another good one would be prefect weapon.

Black Belt Jones is an absolute classic, I am a massive Jim Kelly fan. The funny thing is that early 90's we all believed he was dead! I didnt find out he was alive until a few years ago...

Definitely required viewing.

Trampoline girls, epic foam/bubble final battle, and more sass than you can shake a stick at.

Memorable quotes for
Black Belt Jones (1974) More at IMDbPro:

Pinky: Who the fuck hit me?
Black Belt Jones: Batman, muthafucka!

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Pinky: Choose money over honey? Shiiiiit. Man, you can pull out my groin, just gimme that coin! Man, I'd rather be dead than not have any bread! Pinky's mama didn't raise no fool!

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Black Belt Jones: I'm gonna make you sweat one way... and then the other.

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Quincy: Come on back if you want some more! If you want some more, then come on back!

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Pop Byrd: I got superfly!

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Sydney: I'm gonna make you look like a sick faggot.

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Pinky: What the hell is that?
Big Tuna: Panties!
Pinky: That son-of-a-bitch threw his panties in my face?


unrelated to anything

anybody notice how people even from the 60's and 70's
have a different accent than we do today?

Seeing his interview made me think of it
there was a certain formal-ness of speech regardless of race.

groundfighter2000 - Required viewing? Or don't waste my time?

If you haven't seen it you should see a doctor to make sure that you are in fact a man.

that scene with jim kelly in enter the dragon put BKF on the map:

it must have gotten many kids off the streets and gave them something to focus on.

Fuck yes, see that movie. Why are wasting time on here asking, when you could be watching it?

NOTICE: Family Video does not carry Black Belt Jones.