Larry Shealy at has brought in a black belt to teach. His name is APARECIDO(BILL) from Gracie Barra. He is going to teach for three months to see how things go and re-evaluate from there.Anyone in the area should come check it out. The more people to roll with the better.

You've already got Leonel Perez there.

I doubt seriously that Lionel Perez only does gi. He is a major player in no gi.

Lionel rocks.

newwavefighter, you must have heard wrong. Leonel trains both gi and no gi. You should definately drop by all the schools to get a vibe and see what suits you best.

I'm one of Leonel's students and he teachs both gi and no gi. Awesome teacher I hope you come by to check it out.

I met "Bill" last year in Brazil and we've finally brought him to Jacksonville. He's trained 21 years in BJJ, 2x World Champion and 7 time Brazilian Champion from Gracie Barra, Rio. He received his black belt from Carlos Gracie, Jr. and is working in conjunction with Royce Gracie in his network. (Like Charles Dos Anjos in Sarasota)
He trains Gi, no-gi, Vale Tudo, Self Defense, Self Defense for Women. Very organized and very committed to growing BJJ. His wife is a brown belt and our plans are to eventually bring her over to teach kids and womens classes.

Classes are Monday-Friday 700-830pm, Sat. 11-1230,
also: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1100-1200pm and 300-400pm.

Bills plans are to work this Full Time and add classes as student numbers permit.

The 3 month period is to get his papers in order to remain in the States for the long haul.

Hope this is helpful to you Newwavefighter.