black belt? vs. blue belt? - guess who wins?


edited: this is not me in the video!!!!

That was a pretty boring match.

You dont seem to know any submissions and he, seemingly, doesnt know any escapes.

Good result for you though, and he took it well.

I have yet to see a legit black belt so terrible...though I hear of a guy in my area about to be promoted that would probably be handled by a strong athletic blue...sooo...i guess what im saying is it seems like bjj blackbelts are being sold...well, I know this one is. from the horses mouth or near enough... Phone Post

Not to take anything way from your victory but that guy looked pretty bad. You passed his guard extremely easy...Like really really easy. Guy was probably pretty bad.

Pretty sure that video is not of TS.

Yeah that dude looked horrible. Phone Post

where is the black belt?

No way that guy is a legit black belt. Blue at best.

one armed jacked knows whats up. i am not in that vid.

just something i stumbled across on the web and thought i'd post it here to see what you guys thought.

black belt def doesn't look like any of the black belts i've ever rolled with.

anyone know who that is?

might not be bjj black belt, could be jjj

mike: one-armed jack is our buddy Andrius LOL

JJJ black belt IMO, but he does have a BJJ black belt on.

i know who OAJ is :-)

and thats the thing with this. he is wearing a bjj gi and bjj belt. video is tagged as bjj, jiu jitsu, black belt match

yet this guy doesn't look like a black belt other than being a renato tavares doppelganger

Guy is a fraud.

Judo black belt Phone Post

The dude is probably a BB in another art and a Blue in Bjj but his EGO is wayyy to large to allow him to wear the blue belt. What a looser!

That guy is 100% not a BJJ Black Belt. His hands were never in the right place, he was flat on his back while playing guard etc etc. * I have seen legit black belts lose to blue belts in competition but this is not the case here.

No way a judo black belt attempts to pull guard on a Bjj guy. And if he did it just to fuck around, he/she wouldnt do it that poorly. Dude has to be a JJJ BB or some other BB. Phone Post

BB was going for the watts choke for the first minute. He had no idea when to let it go. No way he is bjj black belt. Phone Post

Keyboard analysis/A FEW BLOWN OPPORTUNITIES: @ 1:05: He should have been at least attempting to fish opponent's right/basing arm out for potential sweep. @ 2:08: fish opponent's right leg out and elevate it a bit to get his out side hook in for recovery. @ 4:50+: Why he didn't at least try to bump the hip with his knee to recover guard? He just kept it there to block the mount(?). @ 5:37 -5:43 he blew another opportunity to fish opponent's leg with his left foot, hook with his right foot, then once more hook with hit left foot for double under hooks/guard recovery. Ah, for get it. That video should be used as a cautionary tale for anyone entering a BJJ tournament as faixa prieta, when it is from some other art form.