black belts who dont give b.b's

who are some of the black belts out there who do not give out black belts to their deservant students.  i know of one here in los angeles area specifically who does not promote any of his brown belts cause he is afraid tha they will leave and open their own schools.  

do you know of any?

and a free autographed CUO picture to anyone who can guess to whom i am referring? *

*void in this solar system

is it joe mama?

no, and its not heywood jablome

it wasnt a real offer anyways

why would they ever be caught in a gi?

interesting take there nowin...eddie does rank in "submission grappling" doesnt he?

he can give out whatever belts he wants.  he is a blackbelt under jj machado. 

and non of us give a shit to wear the gi.  stay stuck in the stone ages with the pajamas; we could care less.

CUO, I think you would look sweet in a nice atama Gi. And Im not just saying that.

"stay stuck in the stone ages with the pajamas; we could care less."

Roger, Marcelo, Xande, Leo, Jacare, and Saulo are some cavemen with some crazy good jiu-jitsu.

thats how they make their money

CUO, I can think of a few instructors who wont promote some guys. Not sure why.

quote from nowinfuspeed
Eddie Bravo I believe - oh wait, that's right he can't give out belts because he doesn't teach JJ he teaches submission grappling. He is afraid that his highly ranked students might get schooled while wearing a gi.

nowinfuspeed, your a complete idiot. 99% of eddies guys would school you.

nowinfuspeed is welcome to come roll with me at 10th Planet at any time. He is also welcome to wear a gi, although he'll be the only one.

the old man, 6 outside of the family in 75 yrs
rorion, how many years ?????

so if you get one ,make sure you get the paper work
it makes for a great match

I have a question.  Can a Black Belt promote someone to Black Belt?  Meaning, can they promote someone to their same rank?  I was under the impression that to promote someone to Black Belt, the promoter would have to be at least a 2nd degree Black Belt or above.


i believe pants are a part of the gi, so does that mean grandmaster braveaux is also in the stone age?

Pardon me,

I have something for you, but you cannot have it. Will you give me someting?


i think eddie bravo promoted felecia oh to a no gi black belt. she got her black belt from jj machado.

what about black belts that don't give bjs? eddie bravo isn't one of them imo.


Rorian hasn't given out any black belts?? Thats crazy, his school has been open since like 1990 I'm sure there must be some American black belts floating around, after all Rorian has the rep of being an excellent instructor. His 2 son's are black belts and I'm sure there must be students who have been training there since the begining.
Geez the next you know people will be saying that Rorian's only in it for the money.