black belts

would you train under a free-style jiu jitsu black belt if he and his students are, tapping bjj blue, purple, some brown belts. AND he teaches proper subs, postions, escapes, and takedowns....

Yes, I'm sure there a lot of skilled grapplers out there who don't have access to bjj ranking.

Yes, except for the fact that I am training under a BJJ BB who helps his students get good results.

guys jiu-jitsu is jiu-jitsu, its up to you how good you get. if you learn the postions escapes takedowns and subs properly you dont need some wack brazilian wannabe telling you how to do things.

I never judge the ability of any instructor/school by the infamous tap mentality.

Watch a class. Is the instructor thorough with his/her teachings? Do the students have a clear understanding of what they are being taught? Do the students look smooth and technical? If the answers are yes, then yeah I would.

But dont make who taps who the sole reason you choose to train somewhere.

apperantly you guys are under the wrong impression. if you read the post, you will notice i also mean ability to teach as well as good mat movement.

you did edit that after I posted my response. Your original post did not include the teaching portion....

in that case - Yes I would go there

bjj is the best... YAY FOR BJJ!

ikickedem: What is the name and location of the instructor? You might get more helpful info(good or bad) if he is a known instructor.

gaittec im not looking for an instructor but thank you for the advise.

freestyle jiujitsu is basicaly very close to bjj but more attention is paid to no gi training. Although the gi is used to train beginers, and to get the angles and techniques that you cant get from training no gi.

guys im sorry for the late edit.

grd storm dont be so sure of yourself my young apprentince. IF YOU ONLY KNEW THE POWER OF THE DARKSIDE.