Black billionaire wants 14 trillion for reparations

America’s First Black Billionaire Wants His Reparations Check, Now

The founder of BET is pushing a $14 trillion reparations proposal he says would provide enough to close the giant Black/white wealth gap.

America’s First Black Billionaire Wants His Reparations Check, Now (

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Biden’s crew is just printing money up so I say give it to him.

BTW, I now identify as black


Another product of oppression.

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He’s an egalitarian. He wants equal wealth between races. Even if they didn’t work for it.

Thats cool. Take it out of their fines they pay to wherever they are on probation or parole.


Most recipients of the checks , will be broke within a few months asking for more ….


That’s because whitey continues to keep them down

I’m all for it IF you meet the requirements of denouncing citizenship and accept a one way plane ticket to the country of your choosing.


Wage gap lol.

These fucking people know no bounds.

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Ya fuck whitey! Oh wait I’m white

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Keep dreaming, gramps.

He should put his money where his mouth is and give 99% of his wealth to black Americans.


So when will the females be asking for reparations to fill the wage gap?

Exactly, lead by example ya commie faggot!

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The guy made his fortune on a racist TV channel. If anyone today WET channel, they’d be hung.

That said, politicians would be creating loopholes to find ways to exploit this money and take it from the poor stupid people.

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it’s only half of the entire economy. throw it on the tab!

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If the Gov is going to throw money around, can I get 65K for college? I really want to be a medical scientist.

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I really don’t think this is a dream at this point. As the younger generation Dems (like AOC, Omar, Talib types etc) take over do you think this won’t happen?

I bet it will (or something similar). The Dems have gone insane and it only gets much worse from here as the younger generations are even more extreme and radical.


Many blacks have received forms of reparations for decades. Now they want 14 tril?