Black breaks down Mystic Mac's winning conditions

Forrest Spliffn - Congrats Robin.
I was a guy who wasn't really a fan of your genre of music and wasn't expecting the level of love and dedication you brought to the table.

It's a matter of time before a giant company picks you up now because you are just that good Phone Post 3.0

I actually enjoyed Robins music when I was younger, might be a Canadian thing though lol. 

Either way, no matter what you think of his previous careers in music and in the cage, Robin is THE GOAT when it comes to breaking down fights.  His breakdowns of Rory's last few fights are where I have seen the evolution of him so much, that I am absolutely convinced he wins tonight.

Hope Robin is at the Saskatoon card doing some work, would love to shake the mans hand and thank him for the informative entertainment he's brought us.

The biggest hole I've seen in McGregor is he drops his left and is open to the right, just like Robin said in the second breakdown. If Chad wins it, that's how it happens, a short right while tied up to drop Conor.

If Conor sticks to his reac Phone Post 3.0

*** reach he will win this Phone Post 3.0

209ESE - 

Homeboy needs to shave his head and burn his wardrobe

LOL - this site was all about wearing their board shorts and not giving a fuck about other mens fashion. You need to give some Bobby Lupo Tips..

Great breakdown video - I think (and hope) Conor's control od distance and angles is what will win it for him.

I just watched the entire JRE podcast with Robin. The guy is a wealth of knowledge that even surprised Joe at points with various information he brought up about fighting.

For us Canadians, Robin is to MMA what Rush is to progressive rock. Appreciated, but extremely under valued. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome breakdowns.

Who do you think will win, Robin?


jitzophrenic - Awesome breakdowns.

Who do you think will win, Robin?

I think we all won tonight. :)

^ whats your view on Aldo v. McG

crazydave - 

^ whats your view on Aldo v. McG

Haha my brain's still tired from these fights and I have to analyze the details all day whoa brother I can't look ahead yet lol.

(But McGregor is for real he'll find the way.)