Black breaks down 'Showtime' greatest hits

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                                Black breaks down 'Showtime' greatest hits 

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                    <p>In the latest edition of<span style="line-height: 1.6em;"> </span><a href="" style="line-height: 1.6em;" target="_blank">Robin Black</a>&#39;s 5 Rounds on the <a href="" target="_blank">Fight Network</a>, the former glam rock star, recently retired fighter, current color commentator and&nbsp;head of RFB Records breaks down Anthony &quot;Showtime&quot; Pettis&#39; Greatest Hits!</p>

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From Sandwich Maker to Record Maker good stuff Robing Black.

Lol. Robin how are you always so hyped up? Good breakdown man.

this guy is so good.

thread title is racist. nice breakdown regardless

The guys got no charisma what so ever.

Said no one ever.

Man I love this guy, so good. Phone Post 3.0

man Robin is a goofy guy, I love watching these breakdowns, very entertaining

Best break downs in the business! Love it, thanks for being awesome!

Aha, good stuff. Thanks Mr Black. Phone Post 3.0

creative cat

Ordering my disco lights at this very moment.

In Phone Post 3.0

Legendary breakdown! I loved the high hat ending and the new showtime dance move. Amazing! Phone Post 3.0

Another excellent breakdown Phone Post 3.0

There was a study once that said kids who watch violence on TV get more violent. I thought it was probably PC bs until one time one of my sisters, then 8, watched a UFC with me. This was late 90s. Out of the blue she punched me in the face.

Same thing happens to me with Robin Black breakdowns. I get all SUUUPPPPEEEEERRRRRRR excited about the upcoming fight.

I love this guy!

. Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ Kirik's 8 year old sister clocking him in the face after watching UFC 11 or 13 or whatevs :)


Thanks so much for the love guys. I'm so glad people enjoyed this one.

I was talking to Len the CEO at Fight Network about the goals of these breakdowns, and he pointed me to The Three E's of Television.

To Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.

I was really really trying to entertain in this one, and I was worried that I slacked off on the educate and/or enlighten part.

I'm really glad you guys did enjoy it.

Still trying to find the perfect blance for The Three E's.

Thanks so much for your guys' feedback it really means a ton to me.

Cheers! :)

Nice breakdown Robin but sadly you forgot The Showtime Slice:

. Phone Post 3.0