Black "Jogger" Killed In Neighborhood Had Long History Of Committing Crimes While "Jogging"!

More likely he was doing wrong and knew it and wanted to get away. Given his history, it is the most likely explanation. It doesn’t make what they did right or legal.

Housing market is exploding in Seattle. We are always in the top 3 or so, and I still have never seen it here even though I walk by houses under construction all the time.

people that go into houses to look around know they might get in trouble, which is why they look around and make sur epopel like you dont see them. but this is very common.

and these guys didnt know his history.

I’m fairly new to this story and trying to catch up.

I have a couple of questions and appreciate if anybody could answer them.

  1. Did the “jogger” wear a jogging outfit? Sneakers and shorts or jogging pants?

  2. How far from his house this “jogger” was?

  3. Did the “jogger” have any criminal history?

So we have determined that new construction walk-throughs are not some one-off that only criminals partake in.
If the property is Posted, that’s another story. I don’t think the property in question in the AA case was posted, was it?

sneakers and shorts

2-3 miles


They didn’t need to know it. We were talking about why AA would go for the gun. What they knew has nothing to do with that.

He wasn’t jogging. Do we really need to still debate that?

If the McMichaels had the elements needed to effect a citizen’s arrest, he was resisting a legal arrest by going for the gun. If they did not have the elements needed he is not required to retreat in the face of a threat of injury of life and was defending himself in the presence of a threat. You know that and so do I but it seems like people want to make it something else.

the naked gun facepalm GIF

Just catching up on articles and testimony.

He wore cargo shorts and work boots. Not sneakers.

What they knew is very important to the case overall and the legalities, I was responding to a discrete statement about why he would go for the gun.

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you can see pictures and video of him wearing low cut sneakers and tan knee length shorts, i cant identify them as cargo shorts maybe they were, not sure how much that matters.

btw i gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time that he was just out running and stopped at the house out of curiosity, at the time we knew very little of his criminal record, we knew he never stole anything from that house, and there were many people who said he went running a lot.

but with what we know now i would say it is more likely than not that he probably was out jogging AND looking for things to steal, since he has a history of doing that.