Black Light Tattoo Ink/ Safe???

My buddy wants to get some black light tattoo designs on his face. Do any of you guys have info on this ink?? I told him that tests have not really been done on it and I was not sure of the safety.

Have any of you had Blacklight ink used on you or do you use it yourself?

damn that would be bad ass.

ttt for answers.


its cool, BUT...anything that glows has some kind of phosphorus in it which isn't really good for your body, I know some people with very small amounts in them, but there have been no long term studies on it.

I wouldn't recommend it, also, you're going to have a hard time finding anyone to tattoo his face.

Their are a couple of shops in Colorado that will tattoo the face with this stuff.

It would look cool in blacklight (Freaky), but I'm with you on this one Mario. I think that some long term studies need to be done.

On his face would suck it shows to be cancerous and has to have it all surgically removed :(

LOL at a 50ish grandpa with glow in the dark shit on his face at his grand daughters birthday party when the lights go out for blowing the candles out LOL

It only works in Blacklight, but it would be kind of funny when your eighty...

I'm looking at getting a tat and wondered if they have a gold colored ink. I was thinking i heard somewhere that there is none for safety concerns. Anyone know?

Just to let you know, you CAN see that black light ink in regular light !

...just letting you know before you tattoo your freakin face, idiot

wowie wow-wow, bro. take it down a notch. he said his buddy was thinking about getting it done.

but i bet your knew that before you posted, huh...

a guy i'm friends with has that ink on his face.. it's been awhile and he is still alive..ha.. don't know about any long term affects.

BUFFGEO, since I'm a federal agent I can't get face tats so It's not me getting it.

Second, this is the tattoo ground so if anyone wanted to get a tat anywhere, it's cool with me.

Tune it down bro....