Black Middle Schoolers Chase Down, Beat, White Teacher (Video)

Yeah I’m not sure about that

I could never be a teacher because Id have no problem pinging one of those little fuckers in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. Have no issue with beating the shit out of an 8th grader as an adult. Don’t start none won’t be none little fucker. Ive seen many adults be scared to defend themselves against a kid and end up getting their head kicked in because they tried to be all moral. Fuck that noise.

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This reaction is making more and more sense everyday…


Bunch of wacist up in dis bish!

Dems babies.

That asphalt was scary, bro

Is that the worst filmed event here? Ha ha. “What the fuck” indeed

A white chick at a park can get verbally into it with a black guy bird watching and it will legit make national news


For months it was front page news and the. FBI got involved for hate crime charges.

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It was the NPR crowds Emmett Till event

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Just because they’re in middle school doesn’t mean they aren’t 23years old. They’re slow learners ya know!

They was Kangz!


Teacher should be fired ASAP.

Running away and not taking his beating like a good white person is racist.

That faggit Virus Chet hangs around schools. I hope it was his ass that got chased down like that.


BLM had caused more death and destruction than any other group in American history.


Personal protection is racist

Can’t imagine why black OGers say they feel awkward around some white people

Good, they should stay away from white people then. We’re just all so racist and make ya feel awkward! So dont move here, dont follow us, stay in your own communities.

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What a insecure little bitch you are. You wouldn’t do a damn thing to keep anyone out your neighborhood, pussy

Again, just imagine if this was reversed. They went after white students for having a smirk on their face while some native lunatic banged drums in their face and some black guys yelled racist shit at them.


Haha you sound angry! Are you black? Always gettin all emotional and upset like a woman.