Black Ops- ZOMBIE Levels

 anyone have tips or have a good resource on tips for this?

I never played black ops before and haven't gotten into any FPS in a while but damn, I am HOOKED on killing the zombies in this game.   Can't seem to get passed level 4 though.  : <br type="_moz" />

Are you playing solo or team? (team is much more fun)

here's what i do:
1st round - get Revive, knife em
2nd - 3 bullets each, wait for them to enter(so they drop bonuses), knife
3rd - 7 bullets + knife
you should have around 3000 points by now...
4rth - Open the door on top of the staircase, right
run past this room and open the next door, buy the Stakeout (shotgun), kill everyone
5th - Stay in this room and survive (try to get around 3000pts
6th - OMG RABID FLAMING DOGS, go downstaris next to the cola machine, shotgun
Once you reach 3000 sumthin points, open all the doors to the theater and turn on the power.

Turn on the teleporter, the pad in the Lobby (1st room)

after that i just walk in a circle from a ll the previous rooms (so the zombies follow me) with the shotgun and the MP40. Use the teleporter if you need to. try to get Juggernog and speed cola, then upgrade your weapons with the "pack-a-punch" machine


excellent strategys!!!

I will try them out when I get home!


anyone have a stragety for FIVE lol

I got to level 47 solo. Look on YouTube for the round 60 tutorial. Great strategy.. Phone Post

LittleKang - anyone have a stragety for FIVE lol

you on xbox or ps3?

look for the "Black ops: zombies" thread on here. ive put my strategys on there. i made it to 37 (two people) and 42 solo on the theater level.

I made it to 27-ish on FIVE.


I remember on the old zombie games that if you don't move when the zombies come they move in a pattern line. So if you ever found a place to channel them in a line then all you'd have to do is shoot straight. A powered sniper rifle takes out a group of three or four

I made it to 29 playing with another guy, he just ran around the theater curtain, it was badass. Run around the curtain 1x or 2x then when they line up, turn around and mow them down.

Also, you can open everything EXCEPT the door leading to the alley from the first room. Upgraded weapons can let you post up there for multiple rounds.

Got to 51 on 2 player before my internet cut out but we were no where near finished you gota have the thundergun lots of points use the teleporter as much as possible and when your in the room buy and throw as many grenades as you can and just run laps non stop Phone Post