Black people calling for white CSU safety to lose scholarship for late hit

Pussy OG fatasses trying to say that hit wasn’t so bad, while also somehow making this a racial thread.

I don’t think this would work out for him if you started researching the opposite.

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Pedro in here black knighting again🤣


I root for the Colorado Buffalos but dislike it when they try to make it about race.

What’s next, ban the Colorado’s white tight end because he’s taking touchdowns away from the other players?


as i mentioned, i dont know jack about football or anything
but does Shedeur have a chance at the NFL if he continues his path and doesnt get injured?

i love his composure and he doesnt seem to fold

He’s surely going to be a first round pick imo. He’s a good player and has a great winning mindset.


how about Shiloh?
again, clueless about football outside of the basic rules and gameplay

i love seeing neon coach…theres 1 or 2 other kids ho brought over from Jackson that he also knew/coached as kids

just a great story, imo

i still have my primetime posters somewhere

I haven’t followed him closely but it looks like it will tough for him to get drafted as he doesn’t have the physical attributes of his dad. He had a nice pick last game and looked slow as the opposing players were quickly catching up to him.


and a Heisman candidate.

Both good hits!

Major wright
Henry Blackburn

That’s how the game was intended to be played! Instill fear of your opponents and control violence!


how tough is it to get tickets to a game these days?

if they make it far enough, i might want to book another trip just to watch

not hard, just expensive. >$500 now.

ill ask my nephew for the student hook up then lol

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Your attempt at leaving failed.


It’s an old joke. It used to be “Dana White, LOL”. It was a fightsport thing perpetuated by a dude known as Fatbody.

It comes from saying stupid shit about sports.

That was nothing


why the fuck you give me a pink lighter?!?

Yeah that double ot win over the powerhouse that is Colorado State is just shooting him up the boards.

Nah…that was totally cool.


it takes a team.